Beacon Nation

The Beacon Nation project is converting insights from the Beacon Communities into actionable information about specific technology-enabled solutions.
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Clinical Transformation

HIBC’s initiatives helped transform care delivery to improve the overall health and wellness of our Hawai�i Island community.

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HIBC created resources to assist physicians with integrating Health IT into their practices.

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Health IT and You

Read about "The Future of Health Care and You" to find out how health information technology benefits your health.

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Beacon Nation

The Beacon Nation project promotes innovation in health IT by gathering and disseminating lessons learned from the 17 Beacon Communities about building and strengthening health IT infrastructure, testing innovative approaches, and making strides toward better care, better health, and lower costs. The Beacon Nation aims to be a collaborative effort across the nation bringing experts in health care and health IT together to share best practices and experiences.
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HIBC Infographic

HIBC sought to transform health care on Hawai�i Island through innovative pilot programs and partnerships. This infographic shows the major milestones along the journey.

Quality Revolution

We collaborated with health care providers, payers and the community to advance the health care quality revolution on Hawai‘i Island. Through initiatives in clinical transformation, technology and wellness, we worked to increase the quality of health care, improve population health and control rising health care costs. Learn more.