Beacon Nation

Beacon Nation Allies

The Beacon Nation aims to be a collaborative effort across the nation bringing experts in healthcare and health IT together to share best practices and experiences. The communities implementing the Learning Guides on the ground may be limited to a single hospital or may span an entire state. The allies and stakeholders involved will depend on the needs of the Innovation Partners and will be influenced by the successful models of the existing Beacon Communities. These allies may include but are not limited to:

  • Local health alliances and coalitions
  • National provider groups
  • Hospitals and hospital groups
  • Ambulatory practices
  • Patients and patient advocates
  • Schools
  • Payers, including insurance companies and employers
  • IT vendors
  • Departments of Health and other local government entities

These allies help strategize on how to improve health and health IT in their communities and nationally. They also help to promote the work of the Beacon Nation and spread stories of success. We would like to thank our local and national allies for their support.