For Providers

For Providers

Health care is changing at a rapid pace!  The following links and information will help you navigate these changes. 

New Care Transition Codes
There are new Medicare codes for transitioning patients from the hospital back to their medical home. Here is the AAFP 2013 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule. On page 7, you will see the description of services for both care transition codes 99495 and 99496. 

Meaningful Use
Stage 2 Meaningful Use is underway. Providers will need to continue to meet the standards and measures set in Stage 1. The Hawai‘i Pacific Regional Extension Center (REC) can provide assessment and feedback to keep you on pace for success in Stage 2 Meaningful Use.  It is also a source for continued audit of your dashboard and up-to-date information. 

Another valuable resource is the Electronic Health Record (EHR) Intelligence website which provides up to date information on Meaningful Use such as:

    Meaningful Use - Now or Never!
    8 Tips for Increasing EMR Adoption - A Guide to Achieving Meaningful Use
    Guide to Meaningful Use Demonstration
    Achieving Meaning Use in Private Practice: A close examination of Stage 2 requirements

Patient Centered Medical Home
Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Level III was reached by the TransforMED cohort on the Hawai‘i Island. Members of the cohort underwent an intensive year of work that entailed: learning new methods and techniques for clinical and business practices, and changing workflows. With coaching and IT Tech support, the cohort was able to make the necessary changes in order to improve their practices and provide better patient care. Here are the members of the Hawai‘i Island TransforMED cohort.

Coordinating Care
The Care Coordination Steering Committee (CCSC) provides a forum for health care service providers, care navigators, Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) and hospitals.  The CCSC meets every month to discuss and plan for coordinated services, outreach, and better quality care.  The committee continues the good work they started over a year ago and has been a great asset for the Hawai‘i Island during this health care transition.

Health Information Exchange (HIE)
Through the efforts of the Hawai‘i Island Beacon Community (HIBC) and its participating organizations the Hawai‘i Island Health Information Exchange continues to grow.  This HIE enables Hawai‘i Island providers to share the following patient medical information over a secure electronic platform, improving communication and care coordination for patients:

    Lab results, Pathology results, Radiology reports, Consult reports, Physician orders, Referrals, Patient care summaries, Hospital discharge summaries, Medication allergies, Medication lists

Participating in the Hawai‘i Island HIE will benefit your practice by:

    Reducing time. Clinical staff will spend less time on administrative functions and increase time spent with patients.
    Reducing costs.Expenses will be reduced for patients related to repetitive procedures and duplicative tests that will no longer be necessary with streamlined healthcare across providers.
    Improving health care. There will be more consistency and less error in sharing and inputting patient health information.

For more information about Hawai‘i Island HIE please visit Hawai‘i Health Information Exchange.

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